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Meet your San Diego Kettlebell X Trainers! Check out the KXT class schedule to see when you can find each trainer teaching class.

Angie O’Brien

Angie O.After graduating from college, i switched from walking around a hilly campus all week to suddenly sitting on my butt for 40 hours. i rapidly gained 15 pounds and settled into a funk. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and find a new way to be active. I had never been an athlete growing up, preferring to relax at home and question how anyone ran “for fun.” A co-worker introduced me to kettlebells in 2006 and I have been an addict ever since. I was able to shed the extra pounds and feel healthy and happy!

Last year, I took the leap from taking classes religiously to becoming a certified instructor myself. I got my HKC in September of 2011 and now describe working at the gym as my favorite job ever (I still work at a desk during the day). Nothing is more rewarding than getting my students to sweat and helping them to achieve their own personal fitness goals. I always want students to go heavier, last longer and push harder. One of my favorite things in the world to hear when approaching the gym is either a chorus of cheers or groans when the students realize I am teaching.

Courtney Waterbury

Courtney W.Fitness has always been an integral part of my life and I am passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. Kettlebells has shown me that anyone can successfully overcome any obstacles and achieve goals you never could imagine you could obtain. I am dedicated to teach this path to others and help them achieve their fitness goals. Kettlebells is a great way to get in shape, increase your endurance and overall have one of the best workouts you will ever have!!

Darren Domingo

Darren D.As a lifelong debt collection professional I had spent years tied to a desk and in 2006 at the age 47 was borderline obese and on blood pressure and cholesterol medications with diabetes staring me in the face.

With young children I understood getting healthy was not just about me. I began small group workouts at Swat Fitness in Tucson, AZ where they incorporated kettlebells into their classes. I was immediately fascinated and intrigued by these cast iron balls. In a few short months my weight was under control and I was off all medications.

After moving to San Diego in 2008 I quickly discovered an all kettlebell gym and then KXT Kettlebell Bootcamp. Becoming an RKC is something I wanted to do for the personal challenge, to further immerse myself into health and fitness and to gaining the skills necessary to share what I believe is the most efficient combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Jeremy Farr

Jeremy F.I got started using kettlebells because I was tired of being too bulky from working out at the gym doing “conventional” exercises. Using kettlebells allowed me to continue lifting weights and gaining muscle while maintaining, and even gaining, mobility. I grew up playing every sport imaginable and need the strength/mobility combination to stay on top of my game. I find that I’m sore in a variety of places after workouts, which shows that kettlebell exercises are working many more muscles than just the main muscle groups. And there’s the added bonus that it’s way too much fun swinging around a massive weight and seeing other people’s reactions!

I love kettlebells so much that I feel that everyone should use them. That’s why I started teaching, to try and make people realize that anyone can use a kettlebell for one exercise or a whole routine. While it’s intimidating at first, there’s nothing more satisfying that seeing someone snatch a 24kg for the first time or the sheer determination in everyone’s face as they finish that final rep. I love seeing the positive physical changes and how much those physical changes are reflected in everyone’s mental state. As long as each person leaves each session with a smile on their face, then I feel like I helped in some small way. And the world could always use more smiles.

Kendall Snyder

Kendall S.I stepped on the scale in September 2011 and the number staring back at me brought me to tears: 197lbs. I knew that was too much for my 5’2 frame. I vowed to make a change. I saw my doctor for some advice, but all he could say was, “when are you going to realize you’re always going to be a heavy girl”. I cried my eyes out in my car on my drive home and felt absolutely defeated. I had let myself go, and felt beyond the point of return.

The next day I woke committed to changing my life, and it was going to start immediately. Not on Monday, not “tomorrow”, not any day but then. I went on Groupon, and found a kettlebell gym. I started those classes a few weeks later, but in the meantime started eating healthier and signed up for weight training through my college.

Everything changed the moment I laid hands on a kettlebell. I found the competitive girl I lost when I quit gymnastics. I wanted to lift heavier than other girls. I wanted to be stronger. I never stopped pushing myself nor did I stop exceeding all of my expectations. I became so addicted to getting better that it suddenly wasn’t about weight loss anymore. I felt better, confident, stronger…I was sleeping better, I had more energy, I was a new person, and in a year- I lost 75 pounds.

The people that have known me my whole life tell me that I look wonderful, and it’s great to hear, but the best compliment I can get is how I inspire others to do the same thing that I did. That’s why I became HKC certified. I want to teach others the same things I was taught; I want to push others the same way I was pushed. It’s not easy going from 197lbs to 122lbs. But persistence is the most fundamental thing I was taught, and knowing that you can have family, a friend, someone to do it with it- that’s when you can finally realize there are no excuses, and the time to start making changes is now.

Krystal Avila

Krystal A.About a year ago, my best friend and I decided that we needed to make a change in our lives. Neither of us were happy with the way we looked. We realized that nothing was going to change on its own, and that we would need each other’s support to reach our goals. The original plan was to try various gyms to find where we would be the most successful. As chance may have it; we found kettlebells. Every workout was different, we found something that we could do together, and felt the “right” kind of pain. I’ll never forget how sore I was after the first class, and Cody telling us, “Just keep coming back to see the difference.”

Before we had a chance to move onto another gym; there was a class-aholics competition. Who could come to the most classes in 2 months. Well, my best friend and I are kind of competitive people. So, we decided to keep going to the gym, and try to be contenders. Well, she ended up taking first, with me close behind in second. With the support from her, and the people at the gym, I have reached my original goal in weight loss. I feel a lot more comfortable in the body I have now, versus, the first day I picked up a kettlebell. Being a part of this gym has pushed me to make new weight loss goals. I continue to evolve and work to become the healthiest I can be. I decided to get certified, so I can pass along what I’ve learned to change the bad habits in others, like the ones I had. This way I can be a helper along someone else’s journey; like all the other trainers have been in mine. I am excited that I can now look at someone and say, “Just keep coming back…you’ll see the difference.”

Sara Madvay

Sara M.Hi! I’m Sara. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life despite being a competitive athlete from a young age. One day, I finally had it. I realized doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result was insanity! I took control starting with a metabolic diet. I lost 24 pounds by diet alone. Motivated by the weight loss, I stepped it up again. I found kettlebells and committed myself becoming a certified instructor within 8 months. I haven’t looked back! I’ve lost an additional 13 pounds and even better, built my strength and muscle definition. And this is AFTER being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s!!! My thyroid punked out on me making weight loss akin to climbing a mountain- extremely difficult. My goal has never been to be skinny. Only a dog wants a bone, right? So, no excuses! Dig deep and work hard! You can achieve physical fitness if you put your mind to it, and I’ll help you get there every step of the way. Every journey starts with the first step- one foot in front of the other.

I look forward to going with you!

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